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Torque transducers provide wide range of in-stock options

Datum Electronics successful Series M420 rotary torque transducers are now available from stock in a wide range of sizes and intermediate torque ranges.

Series M420 transducers are currently in use in over 50 countries. Accurate, reliable and competitively priced and resistant to oil, grease, dust, etc., they are ideal solutions for most general test rig applications.

To meet customer needs with the minimum of delay, the range is available in 6 body sizes, 5 of these from stock. In addition, a number of intermediate torque ranges are offered with each body size. The smallest Size 1 providing no less than four options: 0-10Nm, 0-25Nm, 0-50m and 0-100Nm. The remainder of the range provide at least two options, starting at 0-250Nm on Size 2 and rising to 0-20,000Nm on Size 5. The bespoke Size 6 offers a range of 0- 80,000Nm (details on request).

Transmitting signal output as RS232 data, Datum Electronics Series M420 transducers are designed to provide you with highly stable, noise immune, easily accessible and accurate results. The M420 Series will interface directly with control systems, logging systems or a PC (through a USB converter if required).

February 2010

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