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Shaft Power Measuring Kits are designed for accurate on-site work.

The new Shaft Power Measuring Kits from Datum Electronics provide engineers with the opportunity to measure and monitor shaft power accurately whilst in the field.

The kit can be applied using minimal skills in six simple steps and provides accurate data which is viewed on a portable PC within less than an hour.
The kits are available in two formats.The standard kit provides data from the shaft for long duration trials of between 30-60 days and is supplied in a robust weatherproof shaft housing. The second format is a compact version, ideal for single day trials, accessing power levels and torque characteristics such as those found in start up maximum torque levels.

Both Kits have been desIgned to be easily fitted with a minimal of on-site operations. The strain gauges used are supplied with a connector to remove the need for soldering and have an encapsulated coating to simplify environmental sealing.

The; system provides an output of shaft torque, shaft rpm and shaft power and has an accuracy of 0.1% and providing data rates from 1-1000 samples per second (sps) with additional dynamic options up to 15,000 sps.

Each Kit is supplied with a simple-to-use PC utility to display and log the data and optional interface is available to provide 4-20mA or +/- 10vdc for logging and control systems.

About Datum Electronics
Datum Electronics is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of torque & shaft power measurement devices, namely torque sensors, torque transducers, marine shaft power meters, bolt-on strain sensors, and wind turbine monitoring systems.

For more information, please contact:

Datum Electronics Ltd.
Castle Street , East Cowes PO32 6EZ United Kingdom
Tel: +44(0) 1983 282834

July 2010

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