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The Datum Electronics M420 torque transducer, enhanced with additional features

Datum Electronics Industry standard rotary torque transducer the M420 has been enhanced further making it even more accessible to customers looking to analyse data and to measure torque, speed and power.

As part of Datum Electronics continuing mission to improve torque measurement, if a dynamic measurement is required the M420 can now be upgraded to offer up to 1000 samples per second torque data with speed measurement at one pulse per revolution. The M420 takes serial data from the shaft ensuring that the data is highly stable and noise immune resulting in accurate and reliable data for the customer.

Dynamic torque changes can typically occur faster than the M420’s standard sample rate of 100 samples per second, the new standard upgrade option allows for accurate and repeatable torque data to be sampled every millisecond. Using this higher sample rate the Datum Electronics M420 has helped customers to identify and record torque peaks, allowing them to analyse their tests in more detail and make improvements where necessary.

The M420 range has also been increased with the introduction of two new larger torque sizes; the size 6 and size 7. The size 6 measures 0-30,000Nm (6A) and 0-50,000Nm (6B) and the size 7 bringing the largest torque measurement at 0-75,000Nm (7A) 0-100,000Nm (7B) with both being able connect to the Datum Electronics range of Universal interfaces giving a variety of output options from USB, RS485 and or Analogue.

About Datum
Datum Electronics is a leader in the design and manufacture of torque and power measurement products and systems. The M420 Series is one of several ranges that we can provide from stock. However, if this Series does not meet your specific application requirements, we have the facilities to design specialist customer solutions and are always ready to discuss these options with you.

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April 2012

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