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Scalable Pressure Transmitter. The PS1000 is a differential pressure transmitter with an integral switch that selects one of four pressure ranges, enabling the customer to choose the optimum scale for their application. The transmitter comes in a compact IP54 rated enclosure and provides a 0-10V output over the four available pressure ranges: 0 to 150Pa, 0 to 300Pa, 0-500Pa, 0-1000Pa. Powered by either an AC or DC source, the transmitter is accurate to +/- 0.5% full scale and has a low temperature dependence ensuring it stays accurate over a wide operating temperature range. The PS1000 also has a big brother - the PS10000 - which can operate over four selectable ranges up to 10000Pa. Competitively priced the PS1000 and PS10000 are ideal choices for a range of HVAC and industrial applications. _____________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- DeltaSense Ltd. For more details of this product... email our HelpDesk quoting Ref. shown below Ref: Deltasense001 September 2003
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