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DeltaSense launch novel IP54 low-cost inverter drive. Responding to increasing market demand for a simplified, robust, low-cost ac motor drive, DeltaSense Ltd have launched the novel FC750 'plug and play' IP54 digital inverter drive, initially for 0.75kW ac motors. Most inverter drives currently on the market offer a surplus of costly, redundant features which contribute little to simple jobs. The FC750 addresses this by stripping away the complex frills to achieve the optimum blend of reliability, performance and cost for less demanding drive applications. Uniquely there are no set-up parameters and the FC750 is 100% pre-programmed. Acceleration and deceleration are preset, as is the current limit protection and the innovative software facilitates true plug and play capability for fast commissioning and maintenance, high reliability and low overall cost of ownership. High frequency IGBT switching ensures silent motor operation, and a comprehensive list of protection features includes protection against motor over-temperature, output short circuits, earth faults and supply aberrations. Galvanic isolation of control terminations meets the low voltage directive standard 73/23/EEC. EMC filtering to EMC 89/336/EEC is integral to the unit and permits cable-runs up to 25 metres to single or multiple 3-phase motors. Specifically designed to operate in adverse environmental conditions, the FC750 is passively cooled and dispenses with the need for fan cooling, thereby increasing reliability and overall drive efficiency. IP54 protection is standard with an IP68 version imminently available. The units are especially suitable for driving small fans, pumps and low dynamic loads where there is a need for energy and functionality optimization. All this makes the FC750 ideal for mounting close to the driven motor in aggressive, wet situations such as might be found in agricultural, pharmaceutical or food manufacturing applications, where frequent equipment wash-down is carried out. A 1.5kW version in the same compact enclosure size will be available in the very near future. _____________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- DeltaSense Ltd. For more details of this product... email our HelpDesk quoting Ref. shown below Ref: Deltasense004 March 2004
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