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Improvements in Sound & Vibration Analysis in the Automotive Industry. Powerful new technology, which combines cutting edge hardware and signal processing with dedicated application specific software modules, now offers the Automotive Industry the opportunity to make startling improvements in sound and vibration based analysis. The OR38, a robust and powerful 32-channel, portable, real-time analyser boasts more channels and more DSP power than ever before. The flexible software and ingenious design also allows simultaneous analysis and recording along with the capacity for machinery diagnostic, modal analysis and NVH. Weighing barely 7kg, the OR38 is based on a compact chassis that includes an AC/DC power supply and battery along with 2 analogue generator outputs, 2 external syncs, Ethernet interface, remote control and LCD front panel. Because it's scalable, it's possible to choose the number and type of input channels as well as processing power to match your measurement needs. As for processing power, the DSP architecture processes all the data in the analyser, leaving the PC available for running any application software simultaneously. Multiple DSPs guarantee true real-time analysis up to 100 Ch. x 20 kHz FFT bandwidth. Useful for Machinery Diagnostics, the OR38 allows for the tracking of characteristic orders of rotating machines while displaying orbits and determining structural resonance with real-time FFTs. Of particular interest to the automotive industry - vehicle structure modal analysis requires numerous channels - the 32 Channel OR38 allows the technician speedy measurement with instantaneous FRFs. Moreover, because the unit carries out the analysis, it frees the PC to process applications such as a live ODS display. Additionally, engine noise can be measured in octave bands in parallel with tracked orders or structural vibrations with FFT, with fast and slow inputs performing simultaneous acquisition of process and vibration data. The report generation facility allows the technician to edit and print reports either directly or through MS Word. Another important aspect for the OROS customer in the UK is the level of backup and after-sales service. Livingston based Diagnostic Instruments already have an excellent reputation in the field of noise and vibration analysis. Having spearheaded the research and development within the field of noise and vibration analysis they are now sole UK distributors for the unit. Diagnostic Instruments' background in this field means that they are in a position to offer OROS customers a superb back-up package. "We see ourselves as much more than simply a distributor for the OR38," said Robert Collyer, Engineering Services Manager at Diagnostic Instruments. "Because of our background in every aspect of noise and vibration analysis, we can offer our expertise and experience, not to mention consultancy, training and back up." TECHNICAL INFORMATION System Features Channel count - 32 inputs sampled at 102.4kHz -AC/DC/Float and ICP ® coupling Inputs - 24 bit Delta/sigma converters -high dynamic >120 dB ± 20 mV to ± 40 V input range Accuracy - Phase ± 0.1 ° -Amplitude ± 0.05 dB - Frequency ± 0.01% Self calibration circuitry Output channels - 2 Outputs,± 10 V range,24 bits,40 kHz External syncs - 2 External syncs,± 40 V range for trigger or tachometerMax sampling rate :12.8 MHz. Miscellaneous I/O - 4 Auxiliary I/O for additional output or external syncs. Real-time capabilities - 2 MHz Channels x bandwidth product equivalent to 20 kHz FFT on 100 channels (401 lines,0%overlap). Throughput rate - Internal 20 GBytes disk rate without missing sample:32 Channels sampled at 51.2 kHz (gap free) PC interface - 100 Mb/s Ethernet PC connectionsWindows ® 98 //Me/2000 and NT4 compatible. Operation mode - PC connected -stand alone -office software version Generator - Sine,multi-sine,swept sine,triangle,random white noise,pink noise,chirp,burst,user-defined,file playback. Power - AC 100 to 240 V - DC 10.5 V to 32 V -On-board battery for protection against surge and power outage (>30 min). ANALYSIS MODES Amplitude analysis - DC,RMS,Energy,Power,Skew,Kurtosis, min,max,correlation in selected frequency band on each channel. Frequency analysis - Instant and averaged spectrum,FRF, Coherence,Constant band tracking -Zoom - Multiple FFT analysis on independent frequency band-6400 FFT lines -DC ->800 mHz to DC ->40 kHz Digital filter 1/n th octave analysis - 1,1/3,1/12,1/24 Octave -Weighting A,B,C,Leq,fast,slow Comply with IEC1260 Order tracking - Real-time order tracking based on synchronous re-samplingTime domain synchronous -1/32 order resolution Recorder - Multi frequency simultaneous recording -Advanced triggering mode -Native format is ASAM compatible Monitoring - Live wave and spectrum preview on any channels. Multi analysis - Al l analysis mode may run simultaneously on different or common shared inputs. _______________________________________________________ November 2001
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