up to 500m with an accuracy of ±1.5mm.

With our new Laser-Distance Sensors DLS-B you measure
absolute distances up to 500 meters. Thanks to state of the
art laser technology, the DLS-B device measures with a
precision of 1.5 millimeters.

It represents a cost efficient solution even at extreme environment
temperatures as low as -40° C. The DLS-B is an optical measuring
device. You can measure, maintenance-free, distances on natural
and reflective surfaces. You determine positions on objects difficult
to access or with very high surface temperatures.

Just as well you can measure distances in an aggressive environment
in an easy and accurate way.Serial, analog and digital interfaces
are standard features for the complete DLS-B product line. This
enables you to easily connect the DLS-B to a control system
(SPS, IPC or PC)The DLS-B device runs in a "Stand-alone-mode"
and independently executes all programmed functions.

Thanks to the flexible range of functions an external display can be
connected directly to the DLS-B device via interface RS232 or RS422.
Via a digital input, measurements can also be activated from an
external button or switch.

For easy configuration of the DLS-B devices, the necessary software
is at your disposal. With this software you can adapt settings on the
device in a fast and comfortable way and activate the appropriate
functions. The entire device configuration can be stored on a PC,
in a configuration-file. In addition the software is also suitable as a
diagnostic, test, and start-up-tool.

August 2006
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