Tcal version 3 Calibration System is announced

Dr Duncan James is excited to announce the publication of Tcal version 3. Tcal version 2 was a robust, simplified way to produce a calibration certificate for a data logger. Version 3 now goes beyond that and introduces "one calibration certificate and four reports".

Based on customer feedback, the traditional calibration certificate is retained in version 3 because of the expectation of administration systems. The end user can then choose between four reports to use in their day-to-day work.

The first report is a series of tables showing the result of modern spot-tests. Known input voltages are compared to the readings the instrument gives. For many, this is the preferred way of getting a feeling for the accuracy of the instrument.

The second report is a more traditional trend analysis. The linearity of the response to a series of different voltages is presented. Again, this is done for every possible range/channel combination. The zero-error, random noise and overall inaccuracy are also described.

The third report provides error bars that can be used for measurements taken with the instrument. In response to customer requests, this is done in two different ways. For the non-specialist reader, example errors are given for a typical input voltage. A simple way of adding error due to random noise is also added for the non-specialist. For the specialist reader, the raw results are presented so that customised error bars can be calculated for every application.

The fourth report produces multiplier and offset corrections for every channel/range combination. If a pre-test calibration is not being done, the collected data can be adjusted using these corrections to reduce the error bars. Error values before and after corrections are presented for easy reference.

Finally, a two year project to improve the commenting within the spreadsheets and reports has been completed. It is now possible for the casual reader to jump into any page of a report or spreadsheet and understand what is going on. Modern readers often skim-read or jump straight to a particular section: Tcal is now friendly to that kind of reading style.

For sales and technical information contact:-

Dr Duncan James
Phone: +44 (0) 77 5757 4942
Website: http://www.drduncanjames.co.uk/Tcal

May 2017

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