Test Tool for Process Control Loop troubleshooting. Druck has announced the introduction of a new test tool for process control loop troubleshooting, testing and calibration in the field. The hand-held UPS HI loop calibrator id a Hart compatible addition to the Druck UPS series. Measurement/source range for the UPS III is 0 to 24mA. In addition, 0 to 6OVd.c. can be measured for loop diagnostics and voltage output instrument maintenance. 0.01% of reading accuracy (said to be 20 times better than a typical DMM) includes 12 month stability and temperature effects, this is coupled with 0.001 mA display resolution. The UPS III is pocket sized, measuring 77mm by 129mm by 24mm and weighs 275g, it is also CE compliant to EN61326-1. _______________________________________________________ Druck Ltd.
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February 2002

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