New high performance Level Pressure Sensors. Druck announce a new generation of high performance level pressure sensors, incorporating many enhanced features gained from the company's experience in supplying thousands of submersible sensors for a wide range of small and large scale installations worldwide. The new generation PDCR /PTX 1830 series is suitable for industrial level measurements in many water and liquid control applications. For potable water - ground borehole and surface measurements in rivers, canals and reservoirs. Wastewater monitoring includes secondary and outflow sewage and contaminated ground water levels in land fill sites. Tank level applications range from land based liquid storage vessels to on-board ship ballast tank monitoring. Marine applications include tide gauging, coastal/flood protection and wave profiling amongst others. A new all-titanium pressure sensing module fully encloses the Druck micro-machined silicon element. This enhances durability and compatibility with a wide range of liquid media. Fullscale operating ranges are available from 0.75mH20 to up to 600mH20 with a choice of electrical format. The 4 wire transducer variant PDCR 1830 offers a fullscale signal of up to 100mV, whilst the transmitter variant PTX 1830 is a standard 2 wire 4-20mA device. For high precision applications, accuracy is available up to +/- 0.06% and for pulse powered operations a short switch-on time saves electrical power. An integral lightning surge arrestor can be supplied, which protects against raised earth potentials caused by surface lightning strikes. The 1830 series is presented in a slimline 17.5mm casing terminated in an injection moulded cable assembly. This is strain relieved and IP68 rated for indefinite immersion to 700mH20. Incremental 1m datum points are clearly marked on the cable for quick and accurate alignment. A full range of accessories further simplify installation, operation and maintenance. These include a quick-release cable clamp assembly, slimline or short profile sink weights, sensor termination enclosure and in-situ pressure test/calibration adaptors. A short delivery of typically 2 weeks is achieved by modular design. Key pressure ranges are held in stock, simply requiring final calibration and cable termination to fulfil customer orders. _________________________________________________ Druck Ltd.
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April 2002

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