Automotive Pressure Transducers use CANbus. Druck announce a new series of compact and rugged digital pressure transducers for highly accurate and reliable pressure measurements whilst operating in the demanding environments of modern automotive test stands, for example engine and powertrain test facilities. From the testing of new lubricants through to the development of high performance racing engines and powertrains, demands placed upon test stands constantly increase. The Druck DPS 4000 series has been developed using extensive experience of the automotive industry. Modular design allows configurations to ensure complete measurement capability, ranging from oil/fuel and turbo pressures to monitoring of gearbox oil and clutch assemblies. The DPS 4000 series features a digital CANbus serial communications interface. Fully temperature corrected pressure readings are output as a digital word at up to 100 Hz in any one of 24 engineering units, requiring no user system set-up or calibration. The integral digital electronics also enhance performance to levels unmatched by traditional analogue transducers: 0.2% reading for values above 50% FS and 0.1% FS for readings below 50%FS, inclusive of all thermal effects over a compensated temperature range of 10 to 60 deg C. Communications software is based upon the CANopen protocol. This offers the user access to last/next calibration date, calibration routines and serial number identification amongst others. Capable of operation from a range of supply voltages (including batteries) the DPS 4000 is also fully input/output isolated for complete system protection and associated user confidence. Pressure ranges are available from 350mbar to 70 bar including gauge, absolute and differential versions. Together with 400% overpressure, a choice of physical configurations and the ability to accommodate customer specific requirements, the DPS 4000 is ideally matched for meeting the diverse challenges presented by automotive test stand applications. ________________________________________________ Druck Ltd.
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April 2002

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