New Pressure Sensor Calibration Module enables self-contained high speed/volume testing of Transducers and Transmitters. Druck announce a new Sensor Calibration Module (SCM) option for their widely established DPI 515 precision pressure controller. This enables fully self-contained testing of pressure transducers and transmitters, without the additional electrical equipment usually required. The result is a fully integrated, simple to operate sensor calibration system with simultaneous pressure and electrical control. Test productivity is increased and system downtime reduced. Ideally suited for use in calibration laboratories and workshops, the DPI 515 SCM can be used as a stand-alone instrument, alternatively on a test trolley or incorporated into a test bench. For automated production/assembly and test environments, it can also be fully integrated into customised user systems to further enhance calibration efficiency. 2 and 4-wire sensor excitation and measurement facilities are provided. The excitation voltage output is 10Vdc regulated or 24 Vdc unregulated and a choice of sensor measurement ranges includes +/- 135mV (absolute and compensated), 0-11V and 0-25mA. Accuracy of the SCM is up to 0.01% reading +0.002% FS, including all uncertainties over 18 to 28°C (up to 0.015% reading + 0.002% FS over 10 to 45°C). For electrical connection, the SCM uses a 15-way D-type connector situated at the rear of the DPI 515 instrument. It is supplied with a 1m length of colour coded cable, clearly labelled for each input/output parameter and terminated with a male/female 4mm plug. A set of 4 electrical probes is also supplied.
Combined with any proprietary electrical multiplexing instrument, multiple sensor outputs can be easily monitored. Druck also supply quality standards compliant PC calibration software (Intecal W or CalManager) which further enhances the system to provide a highly cost effective method of accurate, fully automated and documented pressure sensor calibration. ________________________________________________ Druck Ltd.
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May 2002

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