Low Pressure Sensors for cleanroom, HVAC, etc. Druck announce a newly expanded series of low pressure sensors with optional LCD display and a wide variety of mounting configurations for ease of use within cleanroom, HVAC and other low pressure monitoring applications. The LP 1000 series of low differential/gauge pressure sensors is fully wet/wet compatible for use with conductive fluids, configured for uni-directional or bi-directional operation using a 2 wire current or 3 wire voltage interface. For precision measurement at very low pressures, an inductive sensing principle is employed which provides maximum sensitivity to detect even very small variations in pressure. The beryllium copper sensing diaphragm also operates with minimal displacement for reliable long term performance and excellent resistance to shock and vibration. The LP 1000 series is presented in a compact and lightweight alodyned aluminium housing sealed to IP 64. Potentiometer adjustment of zero and span allows minor offsets to be corrected and also the sensor response time. A choice of UNF, metric and tube connections are offered and the popular DIN style electrical plug/socket is supplied for most configurations. The basic model LP 1000 is a wall mounting unit without display. Optional integral LCD versions are available with a choice of bezel/panel and wall mounting configurations. This includes an option for full front panel installation, featuring front pressure ports and switch connections for in-situ calibration. ________________________________________________ Druck Ltd.
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June 2002

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