FAA/CAA certified aerospace Pressure Transducers. FAA/CAA CERTIFIED AEROSPACE PRESSURE TRANSDUCERS PROVIDE AN AFFORDABLE, LOW RISK SOLUTION FOR HARSH IN-FLIGHT APPLICATIONS. Druck announces full FAA/CAA flight certification for its latest range of amplified aerospace pressure transducers. The PTX /PMP 3000 Series combines extensively proven Druck silicon sensing technology with a highly robust and flexible design concept. This enables customer preferred interfaces, pressure ranges and output types to be configured for a wide range of in-flight applications, even those with severe operating environments. User affordability is maintained, measurement performance optimised and technical risk minimised. Pressure ranges are available from 350mbar to 700 bar gauge or absolute, 350mbar to 35 bar differential. Operating from a standard 28Vd.c. aircraft supply, the choice of 2, 3 or 4 wire output configurations includes 4-20mA, 0.5 to 5V and 0 to 5V amongst others. The Druck micromachined silicon sensing element provides excellent linearity with negligible hysteresis. It also ensures enhanced long term stability, high overpressure capability and also low mass, offering fast response and a low acceleration sensitivity ("g" effect). Advanced thermal compensation enables a total accuracy of ±0.75% F.S. maximum over an operating temperature range of -40°C to +90°C (±1.25% F.S. maximum -54°C to +125°C) including zero and span setting/interchangability. Long term stability is better than ±0.05% F.S. per annum. To withstand even the harshest environmental conditions encountered during aircraft operation, the PTX /PMP 3000 Series is extensively qualified in accordance with the requirements of JTSO C47, C45a and RTCA/DO-160. This includes test parameters such as acceleration, vibration, shock, EMI/lightning and high/low operating temperature. Reliability is better than 10fpmh. The transducer is physically an all-welded, rugged and hermetic construction which is not susceptible to altitude, humidity, salt, fog, sand and dust. It offers process wetted materials of 316L stainless steel and C276 hastelloy for confident use with chemically aggressive pressure media. Pressure connections include 7/16" UNJF to MS33656-4 and electrical connections 6-pin plug to MIL-C-26482, with others available on request. ________________________________________________ Druck Ltd.
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July 2002

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