DRVSM compliant Air Data Test System. DRVSM COMPLIANT AIR DATA TEST SYSTEM IS FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH EXISTING AEROSPACE INDUSTRY ATE (AUTOMATIC TEST EQUIPMENT). Druck announce a new compact rack mounting Air Data Test System, fully compatible with existing ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) systems used throughout the aerospace industry. Accuracy is compliant with the latest industry standards for RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minima). The ADTS 403 is a dual-channel Ps and Pt automatic pressure controller used for the precision calibration/verification of aircraft pitot-statics. Programmable for fixed or rotary wing civil aircraft, the ADTS 403 enables vital pressure based flight instrumentation to be quickly, safely and accurately tested. This includes altimeters, airspeed indicators, rate of climb indicators, mach meters and air data computers. The ADTS 403 has been designed for interchangeability with earlier types of Air Data Test instruments produced by other manufacturers. It is 7" (4U) high and 19" rack mounting, complete with a range of IEEE-488 interfaces. This makes the instrument ideal for use within existing ATE systems. Also, in addition to both automated and local keypad control, a remote hand terminal can be supplied for even greater flexibility of operation. Pressure/vacuum connections are provided at both front and rear panels as standard. External pneumatic supplies are required and Druck can provide a suitably matched rack mounting pressure/vacuum supply unit type PV 103. The ADTS 403 further expands the proven range of Druck laboratory, workshop and flightline Air Data Test Systems. These have been widely and successfully adopted by national and international airlines, aircraft manufacturers, military forces, ground support/maintenance facilities and business jet operators worldwide. ________________________________________________ Druck Ltd.
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July 2002

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