Intelligent Multi-function Pressure Indicator now available with multiple external sensors for cost effective remote monitoring. GE Druck announces the availability of a key new feature for its "flagship"Multi-function Pressure Indicator DPI 145. By providing up to three external sensor channels, the DPI 145 now allows simultaneous centralised monitoring of three remote pressure measurement points. The need to dedicate a DPI 145 to each point of measurement is therefore removed, increasing operational flexibility and cost-effectiveness for a wide variety of industrial applications. The DPI 145 is a high performance instrument, often used in workshops and laboratories as a pressure reference with precision to 0.025% of reading. Ranges are available from 1 mbar up to 700 bar, with a wide choice of internal/external silicon pressure sensors also developed and manufactured by the company. For example, this includes advanced resonant silicon sensing technology which enables barometric/ambient pressure monitoring to within 0.15mbar. The high contrast, backlit graphics display offers a full six digit scaling, with a choice of 24 user selectable pressure units. Data processing functions include average/tare and max/min values, filtering, alarms, flow, leak and switch tests, interchannel maths. Up to eight split-screen readouts can be configured for simultaneous display of measured and processed data. The DPI 145 is simple to use with an intuitive menu-style software for quick and easy operation. Various modes of operation are available, each with it's own dedicated list of menu functions specific to the required task. These include Indicator, Barometer, Leak Test, Switch Test, Instrument Set-Up and Data Logging /Printing. The instrument is also fully configurable and therefore any input channel may be specified for all of modes of operation. Interfacing is simplified with a range of standard communications for integration of the DPI 145 within user systems. This includes a user programmable analogue output (mA or volts) and serial digital RS232 port. In addition, IEEE488 parallel digital is available as an option. Digital interfaces use SCPI protocol (Standard Commands For Programmable Instruments). Physically, the DPI 145 is a compact instrument with rugged membrane keypad and designed for convenient benchtop use. A rotating handle is fitted as standard, providing a comfortable viewing angle for the operator. For integrated system applications, the optional rackmounting kit provides a 3U high x 19inch wide unit for standard rack installation. ________________________________________________ GE Druck Ltd.
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January 2003
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