Low Cost Industrial Pressure Sensors. GE Druck announces a new series of low cost industrial pressure sensors which provides a cost effective and reliable solution for high volume/large scale measurement applications. This further expands the company's already comprehensive product portfolio with an even wider choice of specifications and price/performance levels, from high volume installations to critical programme qualified applications in Aerospace, Subsea, Motorsport and many other industries. The 1500 series of pressure transducers (voltage output) and transmitters (4-20mA) is offered primarily as a standard product package for applications where batches of 100 pieces or more are required. To enable rapid manufacture with minimal production cost, choice of final mechanical configuration is two popular options, an integral cable assembly or mini DIN plug/connector. A G1/4 female threaded connection is standard and adaptors can be supplied. At the heart of the 1500 series, widely proven silicon sensor technology provides inherently accurate and reliable pressure measurement. This same technology has been continually developed and manufactured by GE Druck for over 30 years and is used worldwide for the most demanding applications, for example on fighter aircraft and subsea wellheads. Examples of the broad range of applications considered particularly suitable for the 1500 series include plant automation, refrigeration systems, pneumatic compressors, train braking systems, gas volume correction equipment and fluid pump inlet and outlet pressures, amongst others. The high performance silicon technology combined with rugged packaging ensures long term service and reliability, even in harsh operating conditions. This ensures low cost of ownership. Static accuracy of the 1500 series is better than 0.5%FS BSL including effects of non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability. Thermodynamic accuracy is within 1% over -10 to 50 deg C and ambient operating temperature range is -40 to 100 deg C (80 deg C cable versions). Process media can be any fluid/gas (<135 deg C) compatible with 316L Stainless/Hastelloy C276. The 1500 series is fully compliant with the latest environmental standards. Ingress protected to IP65/NEMA 4X, each sensor is tested for EMC emissions (EN50081-1), EMC immunity (EN50082-1) and supplied CE marked to Heavy Industrial standard. A statement of compliance to the recently introduced Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) is also provided. ________________________________________________ GE Druck Ltd.
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March 2003
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