Expanded range of Pressure Sensors provides choice of 2, 3 or 4 wire current/voltage outputs for industrial measurement applications. GE Druck announces a new expanded series of Industrial Pressure sensors which combine their precision silicon sensing element and modular mechanical design with the latest advances in ASIC technology and surface mounted electronics. This provides a compact, high performance and competitively priced measurement solution, readily configured for industrial applications. The PTX/PMP7500 series employs GE Druck piezo-resistive silicon technology. Since 1972 this has been extensively developed, qualified and proven: applications include aerospace and subsea programmes which demand the highest levels of performance and long term reliability. Modular design features a standardised "core", selected and finished according to customer requirements. The 7500 series is now available with a choice of 2 wire /4-20mA "transmitter" configuration (PTX7500), alternatively 3 or 4 wire voltage output proportional to pressure span (PMP7500). Operating ranges extend from 100mbar up to 700 bar gauge or absolute in user preferred pressure units and intermediate span values can be specified between these limits. Five types of electrical connection are available including DIN 43650 waterproof plug/socket and integral 6 pin bayonet connectors, IP65 or IP67 cable and M20 female conduit entry. A G1/4 female pressure connection is supplied as standard with a choice of screw-in male/male adaptors available including G1/4B, 1/4 NPT and 7/16 UNF amongst others. Typical accuracy is ±0.1% F.S. BSL for combined non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability and the operating temperature range of -40° to 100°C is standard for connector versions. (80° max for cable versions). The sensor is enclosed by an electron beam welded stainless steel body and Hastelloy isolation diaphragm. This rugged construction ensures compatibility with a wide range of pressure media and the ability to withstand severe operating conditions. The 7500 series also offers excellent RFI immunity, meeting the highest level of CE marking requirements for heavy industrial use. ATEX Intrinsically Safe versions are also approved and available for use with hazardous area barrier systems to Eex ia IIC T4 (-40 < Tamb < 80degC). ________________________________________________ GE Druck Ltd.
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April 2003
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