New flush diaphragm Pressure Transmitter. The new LPX7000 is extremely rugged with oil-free abrasion resistant flush diaphragm design ideal for hostile/viscous media applications such as process slurry and sludge monitoring. GE Druck, a unit of the General Electric Company (NYSE: GE) and a leading provider of precision pressure sensors and related test/calibration instruments, announced today a new series of high performance rangeable Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitters. The GE LPX 7000 series is ideal for use in hostile conditions, where conventional devices cannot accurately or reliably perform with abrasive process media and cleaning processes, pressure shock, condensation and other severe environmental conditions. Typical applications include pressure monitoring in sludge, tar, coal slurry, food processing and tank level monitoring of liquids and beverages, chemicals, residues, cement and pulp/paper processes. Performance of the GE LPX7000 Transmitter is assured by the combination of an innovative oil-free, low displacement inductive pressure element and rugged yet highly adaptable packaging. The heat treated Inconel X750 diaphragm requires no isolation fluid and moves typically just 0.2mm, enhancing long term mechanical reliability. It is thicker than conventional flush diaphragm devices, which also ensures a substantially longer life when used in abrasive processes. A long neck design allows the flush diaphragm to be located remotely from the electronics, allowing service at process temperatures up to 250 deg C as standard and even 450 deg C by can be accommodated using a custom version. The GE LPX7000 also provides customers with a flexible asset management solution when planning sensor requirements. It allows 4:1 user rangeability on standard ranges from 50mbar/20 in H20 to 35bar/500psi with a wide choice of pressure units. The 2 wire 4-20mA output can be set bi-directional eg to cover negative pressure/vacuum up to the positive range value required and the 4mA zero can also be elevated (eg 4-20 mA reps 1.5 to 10 bar) for tare value/offset process measurements. For ease of installation and maintenance, the wide choice of industry standard process connections includes Tri-ClampÒ, DIN and VariventÒ, PMC M44, 2" BSPT with welding nipple/plug and saddle mount options. The LPX 7000 also operates from a standard 2 wire loop supply between 12 - 30Vdc and a choice of two electrical connections is provided as standard. The DIN A connector version is sealed/weatherproof to IP65, whilst the 1/2NPT conduit entry version is supplied with integral cable and IP67rated. Product weight is from just 900 grams dependant on mechanical configuration. ________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- GE Druck Ltd.
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December 2003
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