GE introduces New High Performance Smart 
Remote-Rangeable Pressure Sensor.

The new PTX/PMP 6000 Series provides a highly reliable,
cost-effective, accurate industrial pressure transducer.

Designed for automotive and aircraft testing, factory automation
and general industrial applications, the new PTX/PMP 6000
has a range up to 1000 psi for in gauge or absolute pressure.
Operating temperature range is -40* to 185*F.   Accuracy is
*0.2%URL over the entire operating temperature range with
*0.06%URL as an option.  Long-term stability is better than
*0.1%FS per year.  The device may be remotely ranged 4:1
with 100% zero elevation and suppression.
"This new product introduction further expands the comprehensive
product portfolio with an even wider choice of specifications
and price/performance levels," said Robert Knowles, business
leader at GE Druck.  "Customers with high performance applications,
such as measurement of oil and fuel to turbo inlet and exhaust
pressures, will realize the performance and accuracy of all
measurement parameters that will reduce test stand down time
and represent lower cost of ownership."

Ranges from 2.5 to 1000 psi are available in gauge or absolute
pressure with 2-wire, 4-20mA output or 3-wire, 1-5 Vdc output. 
The PTX/PMP 6000 is CE Marked. 
The PTX/PMP 6000 is based on the widely proven GE Druck
sensor technology yielding inherently accurate and reliable
pressure measurements, via field-proven piezoresistive silicon
technology and advanced microprocessor compensation
resulting in a high-performance, low-cost family of products.

Druck Ltd.
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March 2004
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