GE introduces New Precision Digital Barometric Indicator. The DPI 142 presents the latest developments in sensing and microprocessor technologies, including the company's resonant micromachined silicon sensor, contained within a highly compact bench or panel-mounting instrument. Extremely competitively priced and simple to use, the DPI 142 delivers a measurement precision/stability performance usually associated with premium cost laboratory reference standards. The DPI 142 builds on GE Druck's 30 year pedigree of successfully producing intelligent user-friendly instruments to meet the varied and exacting needs of the industrial pressure measurement user in a diverse range of worldwide industries and applications. It is ideal for use as a general barometric reference or as a calibration/service laboratory standard. High accuracy and long term stability improve productivity and reduce cost of ownership. "The DPI 142 is our next generation instrument for the high precision measurement of barometric and low absolute pressures," said Gilles Boisseau, president of GE Druck. "Using our own proven sensing technology offers customers exceptional performance and unmatched value". In addition to the standard full barometric range of 750 - 1150 mbar, low range absolute ranges cover 35 mbar up to 3500 mbar and precision is typically 0.01% full scale. This includes the combined effects of non-linearity, hysteresis, repeatability and temperature effects 10 to 40 deg C. Long term stability is better than 100 ppm full scale per year. The high contrast, backlit LCD offers a full 6 digit scaling with choice of 24 user selectable pressure units including altitude in feet/metres for altimetry applications. User interface is by means of a simplified, menu-driven keypad and standard RS232 (SCPI protocol) communications; also IEEE488/analogue options. The DPI 142 is very compact at just 185mm wide x 75mm high x 195mm deep. This makes it ideal for portable/benchtop use or alternatively for system integration by panel mounting using a standard kit option. ________________________________________________ GE Druck Ltd.
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March 2004
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