New software simplifies field and laboratory calibration management. GE Sensing, a leading provider of precision sensing products, systems and services, announced today a new calibration management software that simplifies calibration management in the field, workshop and laboratory. This helps customers to improve productivity by efficiently tracking assets, scheduling tests and automating the calibration process. GE Sensing's Intecal software is fully compatible with the company's comprehensive calibrator portfolio, including Druck/Ruska portables and pressure controllers, plus any other device that uses the FCINT (Field Calibrator Interface). Intecal replaces several existing software programs, eg Intecal-W and CalManager, to provide an easy-to-use single package solution for calibration management in all environments. Efficiency and equipment utilization is optimised by using Intecal to automatically schedule calibration requirements, generate calibration procedures and document test results. "Intecal provides our customers with an off-the-shelf software package that integrates with our extensive line of field/lab test and calibration equipment" says Jim Henke, product manager, "This new package greatly simplifies the creation of generally repetitive calibration procedures and customers can significantly increase automation in their calibration process, saving valuable time and money." Intecal users will benefit from being able to rapidly automate, manage and streamline the workload for testing and calibration of almost any type of pressure sensor, transducer, transmitter, gauge or instrument. Calibration schedules, procedures, results and certificates are also stored in one place for easy access and secure archiving. For example, technicians can reduce calibration time by up to 50% with an Intecal software driven platform in comparison with the use of other 'standalone' digital pressure controllers which require manual recording of DUT (Device Under Test) readings. ________________________________________________ GE Druck Ltd.
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December 2005
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