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Humidity Transmitter in probe design with 4 - 20mA Output.

The new transmitter of the series EE061, in the form of a slim probe, allows for the precise measurement of the relative humidity in air from 0…100 %RH.
The main challenge in the development was to deal with the heat generated by the current output. The latest microprocessor technology in combination with excellent temperature compensation and a special design of the electronics have solved this problem.

The EE061 unifies outstanding measurement accuracy with a compact design and a 4 - 20 mA current output.

The electronic board integrated in the probe is protected from external influences by a potting compound of very high quality and therefore usable from -40 to 60 °C. In combination with the for years now proven quality of the E+E coating of the humidity sensor, is the transmitter insensitive to dust, dirt and condensation. The EE061 allows for stable long term measurements in demanding applications like outside, in stables, storage rooms, or greenhouses.

All important information for the user is engraved on the 160 mm long sensor probe by means of a laser and will be still legible after several years of use. The supply voltage for the EE061 is 9 - 28 Vdc. Indifferent of how the probe is connected the protection against reverse polarity prevents installation errors. The fixed connection cable is 0.5 meter or 3 meter long.

It is possible to have an optional 4-wire passive (sink) temperature output. The available accessories like a mounting flange and a radiation shield for outdoor applications completes the flexibility of these series.


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July 2009

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