ScanSeal for Vehicle Water and Fume Leak Detection.

Vehicles suffer from water leaks, in the boot or passenger
areas, and from fumes originating from the engine and trunk

The ScanSeal Instrument comprises a simple transmitter and receiver
specifically designed to detect small leaks from containers, rooms
and compartments.

The ScanSeal transmitter provides an ultrasound signal and can be
placed inside or outside the vehicle boot, engine or passenger departments.
This signal will penetrate the smallest of leak paths across window and
door seals, through bulkheads, sound insulation and wiring looms.

The receiver is tuned in to receive and amplify the transmitted signal
thereby detecting extremely small leaks from inside or outside of the

Quotes from a Saab supplier after purchasing ScanSeal: "We have a customer whose car has suffered from water leaking into the boot for the last 2 years. Finding the leak was made more difficult in that the leak was so small that it could take up to 5 months for enough water to enter the car to become noticeable." "Using ScanSeal the leak was detected within 2 hours. This included the time to familiarise ourselves with the equipment." "Overall the cost of purchasing ScanSeal has been saved on one job, in time saved water testing alone" - Mark Bishop, service manager of Causeway Garage Wiltshire Ltd * NO TRAINING REQUIRED * * SIMPLE TO USE * * IMMEDIATE RESULTS * Ex-stock at only £260 from our online store: _____________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- E2L Ltd. For more details of this product... email our HelpDesk quoting Ref. shown below Ref: E2L001 June 2001
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