Flow detection device added to DrX range.

E2L limited have extended their 'Dr.X' range of plant
and machinery health monitors, by the inclusion of
'Dr.Flow' - an acoustic flow detector.

The module determines the presence of flowing fluid by listening to the
noise created by turbulence. Detection of liquid flow in pipes is an
important independent measurement to verify control gear such as
valves and pumps are operating correctly upstream.

These modules are designed to operate in the audio spectrum and
therefore detect audible 'trickles' caused by irregularities in the pipe
system. The noisier areas of tubing are generally downstream from
unions, joints, valves or even bends. Any flow that is turbulent or
partially filled also has good monitoring characteristics for this
sensing method.

 Flows as small as those found in 12mm piping in domestic hot water
supplies with a 25W pump can be monitored. Installation of 'Dr Flow'
is particularly simple on pipes by using hose clips or ty-wraps. 

This unit extends the range of other complementary 'DrX' units that
identify leaks by detecting ultrasonic emissions from pipework.

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E2L Ltd.

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Ref: E2L002

June 2001
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