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Vibration can be very damaging, especially over a long period, and changes in vibration level can often be the first indication that something is about to breakdown. Virtually all powered equipment vibrates to some extent and predictive maintenance systems make use of changes in vibration to "flag-up" the need for remedial action. Where high cost, sophisticated vibration monitoring systems cannot be justified for every item, a simple and low cost vibration alarm system will often provide an adequate warning of a change in vibration.

The VibeTracker from Environmental Equipments (www.e-equipments.com/) is a small, low cost device that can be attached to virtually any piece of equipment from compressors, turbines, fans and motors to cars, trucks, coaches and boats to provide an alarm when a preset vibration level is exceeded and a complete record of vibration levels stored on the internal EPROM memory.

Weighing only 125 gms, smaller than a pack of 20 cigarettes, sealed to IP68 and powered by an internal lithium battery, the VibeTracker will record vibration in g or mm/sec during up to 15,800 defined intervals of between one second and 4.5 hours and give a visual indication that preset minimum or maximum alarm levels have been reached. The frequency response is 20Hz to 1kHz and vibration measurement range of 0.6 to 50 mm/sec. Operation can be as a stand-alone unit to record and store vibration levels or connected to a PC to give continuous, real time monitoring of vibration.

The stored data can be downloaded to a PC via the RS232 port using the VibeTracker Management software, which is also used to set-up the unit and analyse and display the downloaded data in text and graphical formats.

The VibeTracker is a simple to use, low cost method of monitoring vibration on mobile and static equipment where expensive monitoring and data logging systems are not viable.

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February 2007

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