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Miniature low mass accelerometer is robust.

Despite its small size and low mass, the new shear mode, stud-fixing accelerometer from Environmental Equipments (www.e-equipments.com) is suitable for use in harsh industrial applications.

The sealed stainless steel case and 500g shock load capability combined with the ±500g range, low mass of 6 gram and 6.0 pC/g output sensitivity makes the Model 1021 ideal for a wide variety of vibration monitoring duties in production and laboratory. For use in wet conditions, including underwater, a fully waterproof version is available.

The frequency response is from 5 Hz to 3 KHz within the temperature range from -60°C and +125°C. Fixing is by a single M5 stud mounted centrally on the base opposite the axial microdot connector.

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May 2007

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