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TUESDAY 12 MARCH 2013, 10.00-16.00

The 2013 exhibition will be held on Tuesday 12 March 2013 at Silverstone in the Silverstone Wing which is the prestigious exhibition and conference centre, the same location as the successful 2012 exhibition.

The facility is located in the heart of the Silverstone Race Track, and is an ideal venue for the exhibition. The International Media Centre, located in the Silverstone Wing, has a 550m2 exhibition area with adjacent rooms in which the forums will be held. There is also an adjacent cafeteria where lunches will be available. This makes the exhibition a self contained event with all the visitor facilities located within or adjacent to the exhibition hall.

The facility provides a spacious exhibition area, with ample 13A power outlets to support the table top exhibition stands.

To view details of the Silverstone facility go to www.silverstone.co.uk where details of the Silverstone Wing can be viewed. The Silverstone Wing also houses the racing car pits and garages underneath the exhibition hall, and there is regular action on the race track which can be viewed from the gallery adjacent to the exhibition hall.

The EIS exhibition continues to grow each year, and to support this there will be seminars held throughout the day, the themes being of current industrial interest. The exhibition entrance and seminars are free to visitors. A number of lunch vouchers are also provided free (on a first-come first-served arrangement) to exhibition visitors to enable lunch to be purchased in the adjacent cafeteria. Complementary refreshments are also provided throughout the day to exhibition visitors.

The exhibitors have the opportunity to show and discuss their products, services and other material to engineers from the automotive, aerospace, rail, power generation, medical, motor-sport, and general research industries. Exhibitors view the exhibition as an excellent way of meeting like minded people who are active in their particular fields, and visitors see the exhibition as a great way to view the latest technological developments, in a friendly, intimate atmosphere, with forums held throughout the day covering topics of general engineering interest. The most prominent comment we regularly receive from the exhibitors is that the visitors who attend the exhibition are all engineers, or are people allied to engineering, who have a specific interest in the products and services being exhibited.

The exhibition is advertised widely across the UK, with the number of exhibition visitors in the region of 200, but it is expected that following the new format, which included forums in parallel sessions at the 2012 exhibition, this number will increase.

Exhibition spaces are limited so if you are planning to exhibit in 2013 it is recommended that you reserve an exhibition space as early as possible.

The EIS website www.e-i-s.org.ulc will be kept up-to-date with the names of exhibiting companies and details of technical presentations and forums.

An exhibition space comprises:

Space 3m long x 1.5m wide
Table 1.6m long x 0.8m wide
13A power supply.

At a cost of £550 + VAT per table.

Each table reservation includes a complementary breakfast, buffet lunch, and refreshments throughout the day. Additional buffet lunches are available to be purchased separately at a price of £22 + VAT each. Alternatively, additional lunches can be purchased in the adjacent cafeteria.

Please note there is a two-table limit per company.

Attached, along with the booking form, is a plan of the exhibition area showing the location of the exhibition tables, each location being identified with a number. If you have a preference for the location of your exhibition table please identify your first, second and third choice location on the booking form. Please note that table location preferences cannot be guaranteed as they are assigned as the orders are received.

Please note that tables 37 and 38 on the plan can be spaced as separate tables, and tables 58 - 60 are arranged evenly spaced along the end wall, and not as shown on the plan.

Please note that complementary wi-fi will also be available.

Trevor Margereson
Chairman EIS

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