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Engineering Integrity Society - Sound Quality and Product Perception Workshop

8 July 2014, Human Centred Design Institute, Brunel University

There are still a few places left for this event. Please let me know if you would like to register.

The day will be of interest to engineers and managers working in a variety of sectors and will focus on increasing their understanding of the sound quality techniques used to optimise products for refinement and maximise customer perceived quality.

The day has been designed to be a mixture of hands-on experience and classroom learning. Sessions are as follows:

Sound Metrics Unleashed! - Andrew McQueen, LMS International

Interactive Assessment of Vehicle Sound Quality: Target Setting and Jury Evaluation - Roger Williams, Bruel & Kjaer

Laser Vibrometry – See What’s Happening to your Structure - Roger Traynor, Polytec

Perception Enhancement for Automotive Steering Systems - Prof. Joseph Giacomin, Director of the Human Centred Design Institute, Brunel University

For further information, please contact :

Engineering Integrity Society
Tel: 01572-811315 - Sara Atkin

June 2014

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