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Registration is open for the EIS Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing Exhibition at Silverstone on 15 March.

Entrance to the exhibition and open forums is free to visitors along with free car parking and complimentary refreshments. Once again the exhibition has grown and there will be 70 exhibitor tables.

More information about the exhibition can be found on our website:

The following open forums will take place:

Data Collection and Analysis
This forum will build on a number of previous discussion groups. We will initially provide examples of where deviation from best practices and lack of experience or understanding of the background principles show RLDA exercises can go wrong.

The forum will start with a short presentation illustrating the whole RLDA process (from request to analysed results). The discussion will go on to look at how modern equipment and software tools, by successfully masking the underlying fundamental principles from the user, can often create issues. This is especially true when handing information (data) from one stage to the next. There will then be an open forum led by a panel of experienced engineers, using anonymous questions where possible from the exhibition delegates.

Asset Management - Whole Life Modelling
The forum will review the long term data field data collection techniques of plant equipment, and then discuss how the data can be used in the modelling of asset deterioration and whole life costing. This includes optimising maintenance regimes to produce substantial savings, and how changes to a part of the system can influence the maintenance programme.

Accelerated Testing
There is never enough time to do all the tests required in a test programme, and so this forum will be a review of methods of accelerating testing. These include editing of signals, simpler test profiles, and better design of tests, while retaining the integrity of the result.

Tyre Road Interface - Characteristics of the Road
The forum will debate the functional characteristics of the road surface and how the contact patch is related to tyre performance and vehicle dynamics. The debate will include tyre and road construction and what happens at the road / tyre interface due to weather and wear.

For further information, please contact :

Engineering Integrity Society
Tel: 01572-811315 - Sara Atkin

February 2016

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