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The Engineering Integrity Society is pleased to announce Fatigue 2017 which will take place 3-5 July 2017 at Downing College, Cambridge, UK.

Fatigue 2017 will bring the international fatigue and durability community together to share knowledge, and understand the challenges, in using high performance materials for reliable and cost effective products.

The conference builds on the long established philosophy of the Engineering Integrity Society to provide a forum for practising engineers and researchers to exchange ideas and experiences in all aspects of structural integrity.

The 3 day conference will focus on the complex interplay between materials and their processing, advanced manufacturing methods, and the subsequent durability and reliability of the products.

Delegate registration is now open. For further details and to book your place please visit

We are delighted that HBM and Simulia are sponsoring the event. Sponsorship opportunities are available and further details can be found at

For further information, please contact :

Engineering Integrity Society
Tel: 01572-811315 - Sara Atkin

July 2016

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