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We are pleased to announce the EIS will be running the following seminar:

Electric Vehicle NVH – not as quiet as you thought ?
21st June 2018, Coventry University

There will be presentations during the morning and the afternoon will consist of 4 rotating workshops.


* Overview of NVH issues and their solutions regarding electric powertrain technology - Siemens

* Noise Breakdown of an Electric Vehicle - Dennis de Klerk, Mueller BBM

* Electromagnetically-excited Noise Mitigation Techniques of Electric Motors Used in EV/ HEV Traction Application - Jean Le Besnerais, Eomys

* "Robot, Take me to the Pub!” Sound Design for Future Electric/Autonomous Vehicles - Mark Allman-Ward, Bruel & Kjaer

* Interior noise and electric vehicles - an experimental survey - Richard Cornish, Birmingham City University

The afternoon will consist of 4 rotating workshops.

* Introduction to the Coventry University Power Lab - Dr. Kostas Gyftakis, Coventry University

* Use of the NVH Vehicle Simulator in the Development Process for New Vehicle Sounds - Mark Allman-Ward, Bruel & Kjaer

* Addressing NVH Engineering Challenges for Hybrid & Electrical Vehicles Using Simulation Tools At Concept - Andrew McQueen, Gaurav Kumar & Emmanuel Domingues, Siemens

* Laser scanning techniques for vibration assessment of electric motors - Matthew Archer, Polytec

* Sound power noise source ranking using sound intensity probes in an array – Ian Macfarlane, Microflown

The full brochure and abstracts can be viewed on our website along with a booking form:

For further information, please contact :

Engineering Integrity Society
Tel: 01572-811315 - Sara Atkin

April 2018

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