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The software for the GS4200-USB© has been updated.

Update includes;

* Select decimal places format for all pressure output data sent to reports, data log file, Excel export (temperature output is always 1 dp).

* Bug fixed; Initial reading correction.

* Time base options on the graph screen.

* Menu text change 'For authorised use only'.

* Add functions to the API and in particular provide a Labview example, and the C# and VB code examples; Read the calibration date and manufacture date.

* Fix bug found with filter feature; When filter feature is on and PSI units is selected this no longer causes a large offset on the readout.

* Update help file for the new features.

You can also download the new "Troubleshooting Guide" from our website...

About ESI Technology
ESI Technology manufactures a wide range of pressure sensors, strain gauges and telemetry systems from its purpose built factory in Wrexham, north Wales.

For more information, contact:

ESI Technology Ltd.
Sensor House, Wrexham Technology Park, Wrexham, LL13 7YP, UK
Tel: +44 1978 262255
Fax: +44 1978 262233

January 2016

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