Edinburgh Instruments - PRODUCT NEWS
'IRgaskiT Infrared Gas Sensor. Edinburgh Instruments Ltd. is introducing an innovative range of infrared gas sensor products, based on their compact and innovative new 'IRgaskiT' common-rail support electronics platform. The 'IRgaskiT' offers great flexibility in precision detection and measurement of target gases, and is available initially with a range of sensor heads for detection and measurement of methane, pentane and C02 in a variety of concentration ranges, using pumped or diffusion aspiration. The modular design of the IRgaskiT offers flexibility in output signal, together with optional direct or cable interconnection of sensor heads and supporting electronics modules. _____________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Edinburgh Instruments Ltd. 2 Bain Square, Kirkton Campus, Livingston EH54 7DQ. UK Tel: +44(0)1506 425300 fax: +44(0) 1506 425320 Email: sales@edinst.com Web: www.edinst.com March 2005

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