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'IRgaskiT - a new range of Infrared Gas Sensors. In order to meet the demand for smaller and lower cost gas sensors Edinburgh Instruments Ltd. have launched the ‘IRgaskiT’ - a new range of infrared gas sensor products, based on a common, compact electronics platform, with interchangeable optical sensor ‘heads’, permitting high performance continuous detection and measurement of target gases. The design concept for the IRgaskiT module was to create a low-cost, dual-beam infrared sensor that would meet the requirements of incubator manufacturers for an accurate, stable and reliable sensor to be incorporated in biological incubators. IRgaskiT sensors were therefore designed for measuring and controlling CO2 levels, in ranges from 0-10% to 0-30%, by volume. However, the electronics design that Edinburgh Instruments produced has proved so successful that the Company will now offer the IRgaskiT to measure a wide range of CO2 concentrations, together with a range of hydrocarbon gases. Included in the range of compatible hydrocarbon sensor ‘heads’ are certified explosion-proof miniature gas sensor modules offered by other infrared gas sensor manufacturers. All the IRgaskiT sensor options operate on the principle of diffusion aspiration, making them ideal for applications where gas concentrations change relatively slowly. A further advantage of diffusion-aspirated gas sensors is that they tend to have low power consumption. Because the IRgaskiT operates on a 7-13 Volts DC power supply, with power consumption of less than 1 Watt, it can easily be operated using batteries and therefore can be integrated in portable measuring instrumentation.
The compact design of the IRgaskiT, with the added option of mounting the optical assembly remotely from the support electronics, is ideal for applications where space on control panels (or within customer’s own instrument enclosure) is limited, and where weight is an issue. The potential to separate the optical assembly and processing electronics will also be of particular interest where gases have to be measured in ‘hostile’ environments (e.g.. elevated temperature and / or humidity). Edinburgh Instruments Ltd has been designing and manufacturing infrared gas sensors and gas monitors for the process control market for almost twenty years. We have an extensive range of products, based on the increasingly popular principle of non-dispersive infrared absorbtion (NDIR). Within the product range offered by the Company are gas sensors and gas monitors capable of measuring carbon dioxide (CO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2) carbon monoxide (CO), nitrous oxide (N2O), pentane (C5H12), methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3) and other refrigerants." _____________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Edinburgh Instruments Ltd. 2 Bain Square, Kirkton Campus, Livingston EH54 7DQ. UK Tel: +44(0)1506 425300 fax: +44(0) 1506 425320 Email: sales@edinst.com Web: www.edinst.com August 2005

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