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Gas Monitoring for CO2, CO, CH4, N2O & Refrigerants

Fast, accurate and reliable, the Guardian NG offers near-analyser quality, continuous sampling, measurement and display of target gas concentrations built to your needs.

• High accuracy detection of CO2, CO, CH4, N2O & R125 gases
• Detect gases from sampling points up to 30 metres away
• True volume % readout
• Robust IP54 rated enclosure
• On board data transfer RS232 I/F
• Optional Ethernet I/F

Full technical specification and application notes at:

About Edinburgh Sensors – www.edinburghsensors.com
Established for over 20 years, Edinburgh Sensors use proven technology to deliver OEM Gas Sensors and Gas Monitors / Indoor Air Quality Monitors for continuous gas detection.
The application of our continued research and development has contributed to several major advances in the world of infrared gas sensing and delivered a comprehensive portfolio of products for the detection of CO, CO2, CH4 and various refrigerants.
For system integrators our OEM Sensors have set the standards for fast, accurate and reliable measurements in a wide variety of applications from anaerobic digestion and biogas through to MAP, Incubation and SF6 leak detection. Our Gas Monitors can also be used in these and other applications such as HVAC and environmental control. Edinburgh Sensors is a division of Edinburgh Instruments.

For more information, please contact :-

Edinburgh Sensors - A division of Edinburgh Instruments Ltd.
2 Bain Square, Kirkton Campus, Livingston EH54 7DQ. UK
Tel: +44(0)1506 425300
Fax: +44(0) 1506 425320
Web: www.edinburghsensors.com

November 2015

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