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Measuring Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Recent reports on the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions have shown that CO2 levels within the atmosphere are steadily rising. The UN has consistently promoted the use of renewable energies for the control of atmospheric conditions. These need to be steadily monitored and in order to do so it is essential that cheap, robust, and accurate sensors are available for the acquisition of reliable measurements.

A recent review "Greenhouse Gas Sensors Fabricated with New Materials for Climatic Usage" has been produced by the School of Chemistry and Materials Science at Rochester Institute of Technology in the USA.

We were delighted to see that Edinburgh Sensors Gascard NG was used as part of the research in the filed of commercialised carbon dioxide sensors for field experiments. Classified within the report as a Type 1 sensor, these gas sensors generally have a non-metallic substrate on which the active material is deposited and kept in either ambient or selected experimental conditions (e.g., inert atmosphere) in the measuring chamber. The change in resistance of the active material is measured as a function of concentration of the greenhouse gas. The successive measurement requires flushing the measuring chamber.

The first part of this review is focused on the possible effects of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, and the second part surveys the developments of sensors for greenhouse gases with coverage on carbon nano-materials and composites directed towards sensing gases like CO2, CH4, and NOx. The purpose of the review is to emphasise the necessity for the development of greenhouse gas sensors for climatic usage by using selected examples.

Read the full report: Greenhouse Gas Sensors Fabricated with New Materials for Climatic Usage.- Gas Sensors for Measuring Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Edinburgh Sensors Gascard NG provides high quality, accurate and reliable measurements of CO, CO2 and CH4. To find out how we can assist you with the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions, simply contact us. We'd be delighted to discuss your requirements.

Edinburgh Sensors, a division of Edinburgh Instruments, is a world-class customer-focused provider of high quality gas sensing solutions. Since 1980, we have designed and manufactured a comprehensive range of gas sensors based on non-dispersive infrared (NDIR), fail safe gas sensing technology. The application of our continued research and development has contributed to several major advances in the world of infrared gas sensing and delivered a comprehensive portfolio of products for the detection of CO, CO2, CH4 and various refrigerants.
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September 2018

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