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Rapid measurement of capacitance means instant water detection. Oil and water have divergent dielectric properties; the typical value for oil ranges between 1.7 and 2.1, while water has a typical value of 80. In other words, water is capable of storing much more energy per volume unit than the average oil. This means direct measurement of fluid capacitance can rapidly detect a minute amount of water in oil. EESIFLO's EASZ-1 is a compact, water in oil sensor that responds rapidly to change in fluid dielectric. It is able to detect small or large amounts of water, on-line and in real time, in lubrication and hydraulic oils, diesel and heavy fuels. This results in immediate notification of water contamination problems. The EASZ-1 was designed to provide additional insurance to regular sampling, since it is an online instrument, reporting water content in oil on a continual basis. The unit is factory-calibrated to the oil of choice, but if site conditions are not identical to those in the laboratory, there is a facility to tune the instrument to actual conditions and improve accuracy. EESIFLO recommend oil samples be taken for lab analysis on a regular basis, and using this information small offsets can be adjusted. To an initiated user, slow drift over time can be a valuable tool to monitor oil degradation, while at the same time more rapid changes in readings can be considered a true indication of water contamination. The unit does not require factory re-calibration or changing of probes. Annual cleaning of the internal parts is sufficient to maintain the integrity of the device. The RS-485 option allows integration with existing control or reporting systems. __________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- EESIFLO International PTE Ltd. April 2006
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