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GS4200-USB Digital Pressure Transducer

Ellison Sensors continues to spearhead the way forward in pressure measurement. With more than 20 years in the forefront of sensor technology ESI has developed a reputation for high quality pressure sensors and established a leading foothold in the ever-growing market for reliable pressure measurement.

As well as providing custom sensor design and manufacturing facilities to exacting specifications, ESI has a policy of continual improvement. Its strength lies in its commitment to development and innovation, with the regular introduction of new products and technologies to the market.

ESI presents yet another product innovation. The GS4200-USB Digital Pressure Transducer has the unique ability to measure, analyse log and record pressure directly on your computer without the need of costly I/0 interface boards.

The transducer is powered by the computers USB port, data is then presented on the PC via the ESIUSB© configurable software supplied with the transducer. It has instant connection with autodetection, and will configure automatically with your desktop or laptop PC via USB protocol.

The fast sample rate enables dynamic pressures to be measured with up to 21 bit resolution. It is available in pressure ranges from 0-500mbar to 0-2000bar.

This is the quickest and simplest digital interface connection available today.

January 2008

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