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TSM Technicians pass the latest BSSM Exams for strain gauge installation

TSM are delighted to give much deserved recognition to their talented team of strain gauge installation technicians... after all six participants in the latest BSSM Level 1 exams passed with flying colours.

TSM has been designing and manufacturing precision strain gauges in the UK for over 50years. The ongoing training it’s staff receives underlines the companies commitment to develop the talent of it’s workforce and maintain it’s position as market leader in strain gauge manufacture and installation.

The BSSM runs a certification scheme to promote best practice in strain measurement by awarding a formal qualification. The Level 1 certificate, for engineers and technicians, proves that the holder has a high level of skill in the installation of strain gauges. This qualification is highly respected in the aerospace and defence markets where accurate and reliable strain measurement is required.

Out of the TSM team members who took the exam, five achieved distinction level. ‘’A commendable result, testament to the dedicated workforce at TSM, and a fitting endorsement for a company who prides itself on high performance standards.’’ Managing Director, Albert Ellison said.

May 2010

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