Emerson awarded overfill protection status for its
Mobrey® Squing 2 vibrating short-fork level sensor.
Level sensor now meets the overfill protection
requirements of the German WHG Institute
concerning water protection laws.
Emerson Process Management has announced that its Mobrey
Squing 2 level sensor has been issued overfill protection by the
Federal Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt).  The popular
vibrating short-fork sensor, which gives reliable point level
measurement, now meets the overfill protection requirements
of the German WHG Institute concerning water protection laws.

As a result it is authorised for use in tanks in applications such
as chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical where overflow
presents a risk of harm to the environment and contamination to
the water supply. 

Using piezo-crystal technology, Squing 2 is designed to resonate
constantly at its natural frequency.  When the fork comes in to contact
with a liquid, the natural frequency is dampened, changing the
electrical output signal. 

An alarm is then raised to the operator who can take the appropriate
action. ³The demand for this approval originated in Germany, where
it is a legal requirement to use accredited equipment,² says Kevin
Cullen, product manager, Mobrey Measurement. ³However, we are
starting to see a demand from customers operating in other European
countries.  The approval process required an inspector to visit our
facility in Slough and witness our in-house testing.  We passed first
time which confirms our testing and reliability is to the highest quality.²

The Mobrey sensor is available with a choice of threads and flanges,
and features a visible heart-beat LED which flashes continuously to
give perpetual indication of state, and constant confirmation that the
sensor is operational. Warnings of a fault within the sensor or its
circuitry are indicated by a change in flash rate.  An LED off state
indicates a power supply or similar fault. Also incorporated into the
design is a magnetic test point to allow quick checking of the switch
and associated system.

It is suitable for any liquid with a specific gravity less than 2.0 (approx
2000 kg/m3) and a viscosity up to 10000 centiPoise, and it can operate
in temperatures up to 150°C, and in pressures between vacuum and
100 bar. The forks extend only 50mm to allow easy installation into a
tank or a pipe. Squing 2 is available as an intrinsically safe option,
has no moving parts, and requires no maintenance.

Squing 2 is available in a plastic or stainless steel housing for resistance
to corrosion and chemical attack for level measurement in aggressive
chemical and petrochemical environments. The stainless steel housing
is ATEX Flameproof, FM Explosion-proof and safe area approved,
and the Hastelloy sensor is ideal for detection of hostile liquids such
as bleaches, chlorines, acids, fluorides and fuel oils. 

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May 2006
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