General-purpose pH sensor.

Suitable for a broad range of processing applications, the Rosemount Analytical PERph-X 3500, long-life pH and ORP sensor has been introduced by Emerson Process Management.

New to the PERpH-X family, it is designed to provide high performance in the most aggres
sive fouling applications. Its wide range of mounting options makes it suitable for use in numerous industries and processing applications.

Its features include: improved pH glass electrode durability, increased reference electrode stability and overall mechanical design reliability. This results in longer sensor life in challenging processes, faster response, less drift, higher accuracy and minimised maintenance requirements.

The sensor also features an enhanced double junction electrode and a specially designed porous Teflon liquid junction to maintain a steady reference signal. The large surface area and high porosity minimises junction potentials leading to accurate measurements without standardisation.

The reference electrode is a chemically inert viscous gel that is unaffected by thermal or pressure cycling. In addition, the AccuGlass pH glass electrode provides resistance to thermal and caustic degradation, resulting in less breakage from thermal stress or shock.
To optimise the sensor, Solution Kits are available as an accessory.

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January 2008

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