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Low-Cost, High-Performance Piezoelectric Accelerometer packaged as Surface Mount Chip component. Endevco® Model 12M1A PICOCHIP® is a low-cost, high-output piezoelectric accelerometer offered as a surface mount chip component. Weighing only 85 mg, this tiny (4.6 x 3.8 x 1.4mm) accelerometer is engineered for integration into standard hybrid or SMT electronics packages along with custom-designed signal conditioning circuits. It provides OEMs with the ability to create miniaturized shock and vibration measurement systems in one completely integrated unit. The Model 12M1A's PIEZITE® Type P-8 bimorph sensing element, operating in the bender mode, provides low base strain sensitivity, low pyroelectric output, and extremely high charge output versus size. Contact to the sensing element is made through two thick-film gold metalised mounting pads on the bottom surface of the aluminium case. The accelerometer is designed to be mounted with conductive adhesives or soldered in place. The 12M1A is a self generating accelerometer, making it ideal for applications where minimum electrical power consumption is essential. ______________________________________________
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April 2002

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