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New low-cost, miniature Model 515 & 518 piezoelectric Accelerometers offered In To-5 And To-8 packaging . Endevco® announces the introduction of the Models 515 & 518, low-cost, miniature piezoelectric accelerometers configured in a O-5 and TO-8 package, respectively. The output of the Model 515 is 10 pC/g, and 100 pC/g for the Model 518. The frequency response is 0.05 to 12,000 Hz for the Model 515, and 1 to 7,000 Hz for the Model 518. These accelerometers are designed specifically to provide high- performance integrated vibration measurement of machines, structures, vehicles and other high volume OEM applications at prices below £50 in quantity. The 515 & 518 are intended for integration in standard hybrid or SMT electronics packaging and may be mounted by either adhesive or soldering, eliminating the need for mounting hardware and cabling. The Endevco Models 515 and 518 are hermetically sealed and capable of providing long-term reliability in harsh environments. The operating temperature is -55ºC to +150ºC. The sinusoidal vibration limit is ±500 g's pk, while the shock limit is 10,000 g's pk. The weight of the 515 is 2.8 gm, and 25 gm for the Model 518. ______________________________________________
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April 2002

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