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Tiny "Flip-Chip" Absolute Pressure Sensor Die. The Endevco® Model 32394 is a micro-miniature absolute pressure sensing die measuring only 1.65 mm long by 1.2 mm wide and 0.4 mm high. Four connection pads allow the sensor to be "flip-chip" mounted to a circuit or substrate using conductive epoxy or solder. With the addition of one series resistor external to the sensing element, the 32394 becomes well compensated over an operating temperature range of -55ºC to +125ºC. The sensor is available in 15 psia and 50 psia full scale ranges and provides a 200 mV full scale output when powered by 5V DC. The unique sculptured diaphragm design provides high sensitivity, high overpressure capability and excellent linearity making this sensor ideal for medical OEM applications. ______________________________________________
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April 2002

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