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New OEM Variable Capacitance Accelerometer. A rugged, stable DC responding accelerometer with fast warm-up. The 7594 is the latest development from the highly successful 7290 family of DC responding variable capacitance accelerometers. It utilises Endevco's patented unique variable capacitance micro-sensor chip with the latest CMOS signal conditioning electronics. It is available in ranges of 2g, 10g, 30g & 100g full scale and provides a high level, low-impedance full scale output of ±1.75V pk. A reference voltage output is provided to allow either a single-ended or pseudo-differential output. A temperature output is available for applications where accurate temperature corrected acceleration data is required. The frequency response is controlled by the near-critically damped sensor. The use of gas damping results in very small thermally induced changes of frequency response. Warm-up time to within 1% of final output value is <10 msec. The 7594 operates from 5Vdc. The ceramic base, hermetically sealed package is designed for adhesive mounting. The electrical connections being made via solderable or wire bondable pads. Hermetic sealing ensures long life and stability. As with all 7290 series accelerometers, the 7594 is extremely rugged and capable of withstanding high shock levels without damage or changes to its characteristics. The 7594 is 15.9mm x 15.9mm x 3.8 mm high and weighs 1.6 gm. ______________________________________________
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April 2002

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