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Accelerometer designed for 482°C operation. Endevco's Model 2248/2248M1 is a small piezoelectric accelerometer designed for shock and vibration measurement of structures subjected to very high temperatures. The accelerometer is capable of operation in nuclear environments during the presence of gamma and neutron radiation, and features a side 10-32 receptacle with either flange (2248) or integral stud-mount (2248M1). Featuring Endevco's PIEZITE® Type P-14 sensing element in patented ISOBASE® construction, the Model 2248 provides flat charge temperature response over the range of -55°C to +482°C (-67°F to +900°F). ISOBASE construction offers mechanical isolation of base strain from the mounting surface. The Model 2248 is a self-generating device that requires no external power source for operation. Constructed using Inconel, the accelerometer is hermetically sealed by welding and glass-to-metal fusion at the connector. Signal ground is connected to case. Endevco Signal Conditioner Model 2721B is recommended for use with this accelerometer. The 2771B Remote Charge Convertor is also compatible for applications using the Model 2248/2248M1. Endevco has a factory-direct sales force in the U.S. and is represented in the rest of the world by Brüel & Kjær. Brüel & Kjær has offices in 55 countries and 7 accredited calibration centers worldwide. Endevco is a subsidiary of U.K.-based Meggitt PLC, an international group of companies renowned for their specialized engineering skills. ______________________________________________
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August 2002

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