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Low profile Pressure Transducer for aerodynamic testing. Endevco's Model 8515C piezoresistive pressure transducer is now available with a double paralene coating that protects against temporary water impingement. The coating is applied to the diaphragm and interfacing components between the case and diaphragm. This rugged, high-sensitivity transducer is ideal for blast effect studies and the measurement of surface pressure gradients on helicopter or turbine blades. The Model 8515C is also well-suited for flex circuit applications on aerodynamic surfaces during flight tests, or on small-scale models in wind tunnel tests. Available in 15 and 50 psia full-scale ranges, the Model 8515C features full-scale output of 200 mV with high overload capability, high frequency response, very low base strain sensitivity, and excellent temperature performance. Additionally, the transducer's miniature size facilitates installation on curved surfaces with minimal effect on laminar air or hot gas flow. For a flush fit, the Model 8515C and lead wires can be recessed into the mounting surface. A protective metal screen protects against particle impingement, moisture intrusion and incident radiation. Optional accessories include a rubber fairing for airflow smoothing during flight test applications. Modified versions of the Model 8515C are available on special order for wider temperature compensation or with rectangular housings. Endevco's Model 136 Three-Channel DC Amplifier, Model 4428A or Model 4430A Signal Conditioner are recommended as signal conditioner and power supply. ______________________________________________
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August 2002

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