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New Measurement Handbook for dynamic force, pressure and acceleration. Endevco Corporation announced the availability of its new Measurement Handbook for Dynamic Force, Pressure and Acceleration. Information contained in the handbook provides a competitive edge for companies that design or are dependent on measurement systems for test or control applications. The handbook explains in detail the factors associated with various measurement system considerations. Offered by the world's leading designer and manufacturer of dynamic instrumentation for vibration, shock and pressure measurements, the handbook is oriented to the senior technician or practicing engineer who has a fundamental understanding of transducers and their associated signal conditioning. It is also prepared for the analyst or data user who must first access the validity of, and then interpret and use, the output signals from measurement systems. The twelve-chapter handbook covers a wide variety of measurement topics, including: conceptual and dynamic models for transducers; the properties of silicon and piezoelectric designs; the characteristics of time-varying signals; measurement system design; calibration, and data interpretation. The handbook culminates with a measurement planning check list. ______________________________________________
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August 2002

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