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Hopkinson Bar Shock Accelerometer Calibration Services Endevco now offers accelerometer calibration services based upon the Hopkinson Bar. Endevco's Model 2973A Shock Motion Accelerometer Calibrator (SMAC(tm) will be used to perform controlled shock excitation for sensitivity calibration of accelerometers from 10,000 g's to +100,000 g's. The Model 2973A provides precise, repeatable control of drive momentum by controlling pressure with a voltage-to-pressure regulator and releasing it with an electrically-operated poppet valve. It also eliminates the need for paper diaphragms and features a simpler, more reliable bar suspension system. Driven with pressurized air, a projectile with a shaped tip impacts a deformable aluminum mitigator on one end of the bar, generating a compression wave in the bar that imparts an acceleration to a test transducer mounted on the opposite end. Strain gages on the bar measure the compression wave. The relation between the strain rate and the acceleration is the basis of the calibration. Depending on the version of the Hopkinson bar ordered, the test accelerometer can be mounted directly to the bar or onto a breakaway fixture which flies free from the bar after the shock pulse. The use of the breakaway eliminates repeated exposures of the test transducer to reflections of the compression wave, and allows zero shift measurements. The system can be used either manually, as a standalone device, or in an automated mode. ______________________________________________
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October 2002

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